2012, and the abundance it brings

There’s nothing worse than the blank page, staring back at you, defiantly. Even though I am struggling for the words here, just now. Just the right, words.  I know exactly the thing I want to say. About 2012. I have a feeling, a very certain kind of knowing, about it. Not wishes, or goals I may or may not be able to achieve, but…

The story I will be blessed to know in 2012:

  • Spirit. My connection to God and His love will grow and strengthen, in 2012.
  • Love. My soul mate and I are coming together, we will meet and merge our lives, and begin our journey together, in 2012.
  • Health. I will be reaching my healthiest, fittest, self, in 2012.
  • Success. There will be great new earnest, abundant and joyful professional successes in a 2012.
  • Abundance. These successes will lead to a life of much abundance, charity, gratitude and profound opportunity in 2012.
  • Home. I will finally set up my home, with lots of natural light, and a sprawling green yard for my old dog, and a bountiful kitchen built specifically for me, in 2012.
  • Family. Peace will come and rest its loving arms around my family, in 2012.

May your life, and that of those you are blessed to love and know, be as bountiful.

“You wouldn’t have the desire if you didn’t have the ability to achieve it.”


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