Day 17.

After paying car insurance, my checking account balance is officially $349. Next week there’s a car payment and some credit cards coming due. I have officially entered panic mode.

Plus, I agreed to do some website updates for a friend-of-a-friend. The friend-of-a-friend asked what I would charge. I sent along a humble quote. There was some back and forth, including my reviewing the site, all links, theme updates, capabilities, plug-ins, etc. I revised and sent along a couple more quotes. More back and forth. We finally agreed to a flat fee. Let the work commence.

But since making all the agreed to updates and sending an itemized list of all changes, the friend-of-a-friend has come back with additional questions, suggestions, comments. Another week or two at least, all pending final approval. I can already tell this working-for-one’s-self-thing is not what it’s made up to be. My flat fee was nominal—because I simply enjoy editing/updating websites. But the truth is, I’ve already invested way more time and creative energy than originally quoted.

Of course I can’t say that. My bad. I can’t be like, my enjoyment in editing and updating websites has led me to put a lot of extra time into this project, simply because I enjoy it. Sorry, no.

Giving extra does not translate in business.


When do clients actually pay their invoices? I wonder. 80% of the time? 60%? 43%? When does one particular person who is doing the work actually write-off the work and the time put into a project, and just walk away? Walk away knowing that they may have a client on their hands who will simply nickle and dime the project until you simply give up?

If I can stay in the moment and simply be happy for the opportunity, I might just learn a thing a two. And so I shall do my best.


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