Day Five-Zero.

Today, The Dog woke up feeling independent. Less responsive to my coo’ing and more interested in what’s going on outside the window. It’s as if he’s looking for something or someone. Does he miss his old family? Is he waiting for them to come back and pick him up? It’s been about a week since bringing him home. Is he looking for home? Does he understand that he is home?

This is home.

It feels as if he’s searching for his brother. I wish I could find other dogs for him to play with. Many of the neighbors walk their dogs on a leash up and down our dirt road but my timing is off and I have not seen them recently, so, for now it’s just The Dog and his humans. Plus, we do not have a fenced-in area to let a dog run free.

Over the winter one of our neighbors opened up their property to the forest service, leaving a large clearing at the top of a small logging road next door. What if everyone on our road pooled some cash and fenced in the clearing at the top of the logging road? It would give all of our dogs a place to run and romp together without having to go into town. We could schedule impromptu puppy-meet-ups. Yappy-hour. We could add some Adirondack chairs and have neighborhood BBQ’s.

A tired dog = a happy owner. Everyone in our neighborhood would be sleeping better.


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