More thoughts for the days ahead…

Today: what are things that I can do to clear my head, to lift my spirits, to usher in optimism? How do I get going on the road back to healthy? How do I simply get going again and let some light in?

  1. Change habits. Essentially, get off the couch and start doing. Volunteer. Turn off the news. Turn off the electronics. Period. (Do I have the stamina?)
  2. Set a specific length of time within which to do this. ie. 22 days. 28 days. Just pick.
  3. Go to mass on Sunday.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Eat as a vegetarian for a set length of time. There’s this interesting challenge which lasts for 22 days and provides daily recipes.
  6. Start running again. Register for a 5K and start training. There’s lots of friendly easy to use training apps: C25K. Hal Higdon. It’s spring time. There’s a new young furry friend in the house who’s ready to go.

One thought on “More thoughts for the days ahead…

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