Thought for today…

Being out of work is like being stuck in the break down lane on the side of the road. Tires crunching to a stop. Cars and trucks rushing past you at 67mph. And you’re just sitting there, wanting to merge back onto the highway but unsure how. You have a flat tire, or two, the radiator is billowing smoke, your gas tank is empty. Rust is creeping in around the door hinges and the windshield is cracked. Your once trustworthy vehicle looks old, weathered, outdated.

You’ve called for help a while ago but you can’t remember exactly when. You keep peering down the road in search of a familiar set of headlights, but the cars keep zooming by. Nobody is stopping. It’s as if no one sees you sitting there. Or maybe they do?

Maybe this is all there is? Maybe this is it? No one is coming to get you. All those visions you had about the next career you would have, the people you would meet, the places you would go, the good you would do… just dreams. You’re time is up and you don’t know it yet. This is actually, the final stop.

It’s as if you never knew how to drive to begin with. You’ve forgotten what it feels like. 

You’re worried because you’re starting not to care whether or not you will ever make it home.


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