Bloom where you are planted

Today I will start a garden, one 4×8 raised bed to plant tomatos, lettuce, beans, broccoli, peas, and my favorite, spaghetti squash. I’m not sure what color my thumb is, most likely not green, but I’d like to try. We are in Vermont so the growing season is shorter, but the sun finally came out today and with its warming rays I feel an urge to plant, to tend, to nurture, to be healthy. In doing research on what to plant, I just realized that we have no defense against deer, and deer are plenty around here. While I love and respect nature, I’d like to see the fruits of labors, literally, like, bite into a red ripe tomato that I have grown, which will be difficult to do if there are deer around. Not sure how to solve his quandary.theres the option for container gardening, those I could plant on the deck, away from the deer, but also a bit limiting. More investigation is needed. I’ll be back… 


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