Good morning

I’m taking today off. No resume revisions, no job searching. I’m archiving the six-plus job notification emails that populate my inbox every morning: Monster, Indeed, Flexjobs, LinkedIn, all profiles with various search parameters, tweaked, massaged, fine tuned, and in place with notifications activated. Today I say, no. Today I drink coffee. Today I walk outside. Today I set up the mulch pile, and read about planting in containers, filling them with rich soil and growing colorful lettuces and snap peas. Today I read about tomatos like Burpees Big Boy and Supersonic and Rutgers. Today I read about keeping chickens. Chickens eat ticks. Today I dream about, what if, what if the company I interviewed with yesterday offers me the job. How will it feel to go back to work in an office again. To have a boss, several bosses, to be on a clock.

No, no, I’m not going to wonder about the unknown. Today I’m going to stay right in the glorious now of this fine morning. 


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