another week

Today I wait.

Three weeks ago I had an introductory phone interview with a private company.

Two weeks ago I was invited to their headquarters for an in-person interview.

Last week I was invited back to HQ for a second interview. I met with the company president, CFO, COO and VP. The interview lasted one-hour and fifteen minutes. We talked about writing, ethics, how one handles stress, priorities, time management, confidence, taking responsibility, and partnership.

After each interview I sent a thank you email to my primary contact in HR, followed by a handwritten note to each person whom I personally met at the company, including the receptionist, for a total of three emails and eight hand-written notes over the course of 2.5 weeks.

Now I wait.

Before I bid good bye after my last interview the VP said they would be in touch with me next week. That was Wednesday, today is Saturday. I feel like I’m waiting for the phone to ring after a first date with some guy whom I’m convinced I’m meant to be with, forever and ever (insert heart emojis).

Am I ready to get back to work? Absolutely.

Am I ready to get back to work in an office environment? Well, yes, and no. Offices are difficult, being tied to a desk is difficult. Potentially suffocating. But… if the company fosters a creative, ethically minded, nurturing work environment, one that sparks camaraderie among staff—and from what I can tell this organization does just that—than yes, I can rejoin an office environment. I believe so. Yes.

So I wait.


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