Getting organized…

Jobs applied for, two:

  1. Development Director – Global Catholic Climate Movement
  2. Community Outreach Manager – Black Hills Corporation

Getting organized once more. Today I made a pledge, no more wine. If I can’t afford to buy it, I have not earned the right to drink it.

With the elimination of wine, I now have no escape. The temptation has been removed, the escape hatch has been sealed, just me now in this single room, with the blank page and no clock on the wall. All distractions have been wiped away.

Become an alchemist. Transmute base metal into gold. Suffering in consciousness. – E. Tolle

Sometimes we forget who we are.

I had no idea who I was. What if every day you transcribed a journal entry into a blog post. But isn’t that what we are attempting to do here?

Tomorrow is Mothers Day. AGAIN.

Fucking holidays.

Or is it Mother’s Day. I supposed that depends if you have a mother. In theory we all have mothers, living or missing or dead.

Side note: my handwriting changes with mood. Flip the pages of my notebook and it is evident. Holy crap the years of study and reading and writing and study… To what end?

My super power, my Wonder Woman golden lasso or reflective wrist bands, what protects me: my notebooks.

All the crazy, the evil, the good, the bad the ugly, the self-centered, the selfish, self-hating, hating of others, jealous, envious, malicious, bitter, innocent, kind, compassionate, unbearable, intolerable parts of me: these pieces of me, these parts of who I am: get placed in my notebooks. My notebooks are the safest place for all of me.




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