My car broke down while turning in the key to my old PO box. After handing the pair of copper keys over to the USPS representative, I cried. I’m so fucking weak. There’s no answer to my dilemma, which is this: how do people survive when they lose their job? How do they live? How do they buy food? 

On average I send out approximately three to four resumes per day. Not just the same resume, but customized word for word to match the language of a specific job posting. There’s the grant writing resume, development director, project manager, teaching, tech support, customer service, instructor, registrar assistant, copywriter, editor, and even package courier resume. Each resume is accompanied by a custom cover letter. My applications do not receive a response. 

I understand this is how it is. Yet I do not understand. 

Everything I’ve known is lost.

Everything I’ve loved is gone.

No job=No value.

I am disappearing. 


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