the day that was, yesterday

Yesterday I woke up in what could only be summed up as an awesome mood. The world seemed possible again. I had two interviews scheduled for Tuesday, and I was certain a job offer would come in this week.

One of the interviews was for a work from home customer service position (at $11.50 per hour). But, hey, it’s something, right? Being able to interview for the position was contingent on the phone company installing an upgrade to our internet service. Monday morning I waited for the phone company, but they never showed up. I called the phone company, their response: oh, sorry, we’re not sure we can perform the upgrade at your location, the technician will not be coming to your house today.

Me: okay, when can we reschedule this appointment?

Phone Company: we are unable to schedule the appointment for you at the moment.

Often times, I will stare at the ceiling of my room.



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