did something

I finally coughed up the nerve and dialed the local animal control. Voice mail. I left my first name and my phone number, explaining that there was a dog chained to a tree on my road and I was concerned about him.

Three hours later a woman returned my call.

What’s the address for the house? she asked.

I gave her the house number and the name of the road but then said I’m not sure I could remember the name of the road. Hang on, let me look it up on google maps.

I think I already know the house, the woman said. You’re not the first to call. I’ve been by a few times to talk to the owner and he said he would consider a dog house for the dog to provide some shelter.

There’s no dog house, I said. The dog is just outside tied to a tree with a chain heavy enough to haul an SUV.

I’ve left the owner a couple voice mails, but have not heard back from him.

Can you stop by again? I asked.

I can, she said. The woman went on to explain the law and the lack of county resources. I’ll get off my soap box now. You’ve probably heard enough.

I get it, I said.

Sometimes an animal can freeze to the ground.

I wish there was something that I could do.

Just know, she said, that dog is not a puppy. It’s an adult male and it’s pretty aggressive.

I’d be aggressive too, I said, if I was chained to a tree.



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